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About Us

Consultant – Infertility Expert

Dr. Rakesh Rambhai Patel was born in the remote village of takatuka, district Aravalli, Ahmedabad. Owing to sheer academic brilliance he was able to procure admission for MBBS at the prestigious BJ Medical College, Ahmedabad. After completing MD (Obstetric and Gynacology) in year 2000, he delved into women healthcare. His obetetric prowess can be judged by the fact that over 20 years of his glorious practice he has delivered over 10,000 patients. A man of many facets, he not only per perfective the art of child birth but also performed thousands of gynecological open vaginal and laparoscopic surgeries. Infact he was the first consultant to initiate laproscopy with 3D chip camera and completely equipped Detex ohmeda ventilator life support in the Naroda area of East Ahmedabad.

Over years his jest for continued learning can be acknowledged by the various courses and CME’s that he has attended so far. He holds a diploma in Obestric and gynecological ultrasonography from the revered Ian Donald Inter-University School of medical ultrasound, Zurich, Switzerland. His curiosity still remains and due to this unending enthusiasm he continues to be one of the leading gynecologist in Gujarat.

The domain of infertility remains a subject that is very close to his heart. With a rich experience of having treated thousands of patients influenced with this stigma. He offers a ray of hope to those depressed couples. His lookout on the subject is to start from minimally invariance and cost effective treatment and then progressively towards advanced modalities. He firmly believes that IVF (test tube baby) treatment should be resorted to only when all other means have been exhausted. He and his vision are to bring futuristic treatment for infertility to the remote parts of Ahmedabad. Putting it in his words “when a patient cannot afford a treatment, make the treatment affordable for the patrient.”

What we offer

Poojan IVF is one of the pioneers of Infertility Treatment in East Ahmedabad . Our individualised treatment plans incorporate your psychological well being and integrated health care, while maintaining best-practice, evidence-based clinical treatment.

At Poojan IVF, we blend customized care with innovative fertility treatments to fit your unique circumstances and challenges.

We firmly believe that no two patients are alike and that many factors affect an individual or couple’s decisions regarding treatment. Our priority is to assess your needs accurately and apply effective services that work best for you.

Thanks to our research team we are able to both develop and implement key advancements that contribute to your success.

Below you will find an overview of the many treatment options we provide. As always, if you have any questions about what may be right for you - just ask!

What we believe in

in focussing on our patients and their needs. It’s one of the reasons many patients trust us to help them take a baby home

  • in providing comprehensive and compassionate care across the medical and emotional aspects of infertility
  • any decision made in the interests of patients is always the best choice
  • patients come first. Our primary responsibility is providing the best patient care.

We’re committed to exceptional service from all areas of our organisation.

Patient care teams

We’re one of the best-known fertility treatment options because we offer patients the best of both worlds: personal care and consistently high pregnancy rates.

Key to this balance is a primary fertility care team for every patient. Your team makes sure you have clear points of contact throughout your fertility journey, and is made up of:

  • your fertility specialist
  • primary fertility nurse
  • clinical administrative assistant
  • financial advisor

Your team workstogether to manage every aspect of your care, and can help with other support you may need such as our counselling services.

Personalised approach

Every treatment plan is customised to your individual needs; our recommendations are based on factors including test results, your age, medical history, previous fertility treatment and personal preferences.

Working together

Our fertility specialists collaborate on treatment approaches and new ways of getting the best results. For you, this means more than one of our fertility specialists reviews your case.

These experts work together to build their knowledge and the quality of care we provide

Why Us?

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